“Did you receive my payment?”

We will reconcile all initial e-transfers this weekend and solidify rosters. Since it is auto deposit you should receive notification that the e-transfer has been sent/deposited. If it has not been received, we will email you and notify you that we have not received payment before assuming you are not continuing with the program.

“Do I have to buy a blue helmet and pants and gloves?”

Yes. This is a professional organization and we introduce the kids to the pride of wearing an Islanders uniform. It sets us apart from most spring programs.

“Where do I get the uniform?”

Used Gear

If you want to buy used equipment there is a Facebook page where former and current players sell their old equipment.  https://www.facebook.com/BurnabyJuniorIslandersUsedGear

We do not oversee this. They are private transactions. If you do get some of this equipment, we ask that you take it to either Cyclone Taylor Coquitlam, the BWC Pro Shop, or Scoff’s Hockey Shop in Burnaby and ask them to re-number and change the name bar on the jersey, if necessary.

New Gear

We will send out requests for jersey, sock and gloves sizes this week. We will be submitting orders for these on Friday Jan 28, so it will be extremely important to get back to us in a timely manner. If you are unsure of sizing, you will need to go to the pro shop at BWC and get sized. We send the glove sizing to the New York Islanders who fulfill the order. Senior sizes (13” and up) are $135, and Junior sizes (12” and below) are $120. We pay for the shipment upfront and collect the payments when you pick them up.

Helmets and Pants will be available at the online store.

Helmets must be ROYAL BLUE (not Navy). You can also find them at any hockey shop. Just remember ROYAL BLUE. We will provide stickers.

Pants are also ROYAL BLUE. You will be responsible for sizing your player correctly (CCM Tacks) and ordering through the online stores.

“What are the online stores?”

We will send out links to stores in the next week for Cyclone Taylor and the BWC Pro Shop. Choose whether Coquitlam or Burnaby is more easily accessible to you, and order from there. Items are ordered and paid for online and you are alerted as to when you can pick them up! Pricing is similar, products are similar – but all are approved. The stores are only up for a limited time, so you must order before they go down and are cut off. We will send out emails and add the links to our website when the links are up.

“What other items are mandatory?”

Your player must also order and have a BJI T-shirt and BJI shorts (at a minimum) for warm ups and for Dryland/boxing. These will be available through both online stores.

*** We make no profit on the uniforms or merchandise***

“When will our TeamSnap Rosters be uploaded with invites sent out?”

We will attempt to get the rosters all inputted by the first week of February.

“When is the schedule going out?”

First drafts of the schedule will be complete by Feb 15 if all goes smoothly. We cannot start those until the teams are filled and deposits are paid, as we need to know how much ice to buy. The schedules will be uploaded to TeamSnap and you will be able to see them there.

“What if I have conflicts with other activities?”

While we ask that you commit to all team practices for the 2-month period of spring hockey, we understand that things can come up. Since we have so many teams we can try to accommodate a “make up session’ with one of our other teams.  It is not guaranteed, but rather a courtesy.

“What arenas do we play at?”

We have ice at BWC, Planet Ice Coquitlam and Planet Ice Delta. Dryland is at “New Edge Alliance” in Coquitlam, and Boxing will be determined at a later date.

“Do I have to attend dryland?”

Yes. The dryland component is as important as the on-ice training. For dedicated hockey players this is paramount! The difference between an elite athlete and an average player is the time they commit overall to their fitness. The work and discipline is an important part of their development and growth.

“Can my player play up a year or with the AAA team?”

There are many players who are considered “on the bubble,” meaning they were very close to making the AAA team, but numbers may have been against them and choice had to be made. Since we have so many teams, we will give every opportunity for kids to challenge themselves by “playing up.” The coaches share information team to team and they will be able to identify these players, who can potentially play up.

“What is the best form of communication?”

Generally speaking, email is best as it creates a record and is easy to find and follow up on. Please do not call or text Rob unless it is urgent. With 250+ families, it is not feasible to take calls or texts, and his number is his work number.

Best contact is burnabyjrislanders@gmail.com